How Does It Work For Non-invasive
Muscle- Building and Body-toning treatment?

With TESLA Former FMS Ab Stimulation device, it uses electromagnets to tone your abs, building your muscle by burning fats. It is a non-invasive muscle building and body-toning treatment for every parts of your body. If you want a perkier butt (like having a butt lift), a toned arms and thighs, TESLA Former FMS is one you may consider getting. It is a 360 transformation for you to look fit and firm from every angle.

The applicator will be placed on top on the targeted area (arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs). You do not require to remove any clothing. The illustration below shows how the electromagnetic field is transmitted through the skin, and to the targeted muscles.


Magnetic field propagates deep into the body, through your clothes.


Magnetic field is by induction, transformed into the local electrical field.


Electrical field trigger motoric nerves that forces the muscles to contract. The muscles are constantly contracting just like how you do exercise in the gym. Energy stored in local fats deposits is being used to facilitate contractions in a natural way.

1 month after 8th treatment,
Courtesy of Dr. Adrian Major in Verona, Italy.


1 month after 10 treatment.

How Does It Work For Treating Urinary Incontinence?

To work on your lumbar (lower back) area, patient will need to sit on the treatment chair which has two built-in applicators, one at the back rest, one on the seat. This electromagnetic toning stimulates the muscles of the body core from bottom to back, also on the pelvic floor and the back muscles. The exact stimulation of the lower back can be adjusted by changing the position of applicator in the chair backrest.

To work on your pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence using FMS technology, the pulsed magnetic field generated by the device caused muscles to contract. This therapy is suitable for all kinds of incontinence. It also helps patients with sexual dysfunction and chronic pain in the pelvic region and lumbar spine. The effect of the magnetic stimulation helps increase the strength and endurance of the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. The therapy also has a positive effect on sexual relations, erections, ability to achieve orgasm and actively contracting the groin and gluteal muscles.